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I am a book lover, I enjoy reading about nearly anything but my favorite genre has got to be YA!
Falling From Disgrace - L. Maretta I really enjoyed Falling From Disgrace there was never a dull moment. Adrianna is a very strong character she finds herself a bit broken in the beginning putting blame on herself for the death of her best friend. She leaves her hometown because everything is a reminder of her loss and the blame. Adrianna attempts to start over but only finds herself taking painkillers to numb the pain both physically and emotionally. The closest thing to a friend she has is her neighbor Heather. One day Heather convinces her to have a girl's night out and she agrees, this moment is when she meets Jack, he is handsome, kind and far to good for her or at least that's what Adrianna thinks. She feels like once he gets to know her the real her he will run away but the more time they spent together the closer he gets and the more he wants to help. The relationship seems stuck at one point because of the lies she holds she is scared of losing him, will she be able to explain everything to him, her past, her dependency on pain killers, and her grief?