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I am a book lover, I enjoy reading about nearly anything but my favorite genre has got to be YA!
First Kiss (A Heavy Influence Novel, #1) - Ann Marie Frohoff When I began to read this I was quickly captivated by the characters a few times I wanted to stop reading but I am glad I finished it. Very few books move me emotionally enough to make me tear up let alone cry this book managed that. I would easily rate it 5 stars because it truly deserves that it may have a few flaws but they are minuscule compared to the book as a whole. I recommend it to all.
It is about two teens in love Aly 14 and Jake 17. For many reasons they can't exactly tell people they are dating because one she isn't allowed to date in the first place and two he is much older than her. Time however seems to be against them slowly people begin to find out about them and the more people find out the more pressured they are given about how it is all WRONG. They fight to keep their relationship strong but many obstacles are thrown their way.