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I am a book lover, I enjoy reading about nearly anything but my favorite genre has got to be YA!
Say When (Something More #1) - Tara West I went into this book not knowing what to expect I didn't even read the summary which I must admit this is the best way for me to enjoy a book. My rating for this book is four stars: ★★★★

The story is about Christina who has always done what others told her. Obeyed her parents, her demanding mother on whom she should date/marry, and her boyfriend who seems to always make things out to be her fault. One day everything feels like to much she detaches herself from everything that has always been done because of others and has nothing to do with what she wants to do. Christina is adamant that she will change for the better but when she meets Andrés everything changes. There is chemistry between the two but there are also secrets that threaten to destroy what they have. Christina holds her secrets close will she reveal this to Andrés? Will Andrés reveal his own secrets? Or is their love going to perish as quickly as it flowered?

Christina is an American born and molded into high society. Andrés is Hispanic and works in a shop as a mechanic. There is nothing that should have brought these two together but something does.