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I am a book lover, I enjoy reading about nearly anything but my favorite genre has got to be YA!
Whatever It Takes - L. Maretta I finally finished reading it! It took me only two days that’s how good it was I could not put it down. About this story… It is about Emma who has been happily married for many years with Gavin. They have just finished perfecting their dream home her friends are jealous (in a good way) of the great life she has. One day Gavin tells her something that shatters the image she had of their perfect marriage. It leaves her feeling vulnerable and like she was part of the reason why began to fall apart. Gavin tries to pull Emma back to him he made a stupid brief moment decision at first he kept it hidden not wanting Emma to know but he knew how wrong that was and confessed. Emma sees him but doesn’t quite see the man she married, would the man she married have hurt her this badly? They try to make it work but other problems land on the main problem and Emma becomes engulfed with problems, what will she do? I highly suggest this title!