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I am a book lover, I enjoy reading about nearly anything but my favorite genre has got to be YA!
Skinned - Robin Wasserman The story is about Lia Kahn she has everything, she is beautiful, popular and rich but one day this all changes she gets into a terrible accident she is injured badly and little can be done to save her. Acting quickly to preserve her life she is downloaded into a machine that looks human but is far from it given the term “skinners”. She is still Lia but in a different way she is now a machine in the shape of a girl and the “body” she is given hardly resembles her old self. Everything is different her family, friends and boyfriend all react different to the “new Lia” and rapidly her popularity plummets, her friends become distant and her boyfriend leaves her. This book was a very compelling read I disliked some of the procedures of the “download process” only because it didn’t sound like something realistic from a scientific point of view but other than that the story is intriguing Lia is able to do many things others can’t she will never tire, eat, sleep, dream nor die but people fear the unknown and that is what Lia is. She is feared, hated and out casted. Lia must now become accustomed to her new life. How will she do it? Read and find out.