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Carpe Librum

I am a book lover, I enjoy reading about nearly anything but my favorite genre has got to be YA!
Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas Wahh? *jaw drops* that was amazing. I think this topped Throne of Glass it is no wonder it has become a New York Times best seller. So this book holds so much more than Throne of Glass. Celaena kicks so much butt in this novel it is ridiculous.
I was a bit worried for her because in ToG she became the King’s champion. However Celaena is Celaena and does what she knows best defying people. There is some steamy romance (I’m not telling between who but you will love it!). Celaena finds more deep, deep dark secrets that will leave your jaw hanging ajar.
imageI want to tell you so much about it but I really don’t want to give anything away
imageSo I will just say yes, yes read it! The story is written in such a way that makes it easy to read, there are plenty of details to keep you hooked throughout the novel, and you will not see the end of it coming. Enjoy!
Now to wait for the next book this is me..